Romney Enthusiasts Need a Gag Reflex

While I vehemently disagree with the Republican Party platform, I get what they’re all about. Republicans value pulling your own weight, traditional values, individual freedom, and keeping what you earn. On the flipside, they loathe freeloaders, high taxes, and most social reform (at least until a few years go by and they get used to it—but I digress).

With those principles in mind, combined with a certain amount of disinformation from Fox News and other conservative media sources, I can sort of see how a person can vote for Mitt Romney. It takes some mental gymnastics, but with enough work, one can make President Obama out to be a president who wants to tax you more and reward free loaders. Therefore, a vote against President Obama in favor of a self-described Republican makes sense. I get that.

What I don’t get is how this need to vote against President Obama turns into passion for Mitt Romney. How can anyone outside of Mr. Romney’s immediate family be excited to vote for him? Just look at him. In case you have forgotten what he looks like, I have included a photo below.

Can anyone mistake this as genuine?

The man is very clearly an introvert trying to fake being an extrovert. Watching Governor Romney interact with people is painful. His words and mannerisms just don’t fit. He constantly tries to smile, but can rarely do it without it looking forced and fake in the extreme. The result is often an expression that will send chills down your spine. Stephen Colbert did a great job of imitating this unsettling look.

Colbert captures creepy

Putting aside for a moment Mr. Romney’s amazingly bad social skills, his politics are blatantly dishonest and inconsistent, and I don’t think this is debatable. He has repeatedly proven there is no issue on which he is unwilling to take two sides for political expediency, and he will say anything to win the presidency. No one really knows what Romney believes. I have considered the possibility that he is actually more liberal than President Obama (wouldn’t take much). More likely, I suspect he has no political ideology, and is no more than naked ambition personified. He will adopt or abandon any position for the sake of obtaining power. There are several very good websites and articles out there documenting Romney’s many flip-flops and lies if there is still anyone out there who doubts the veracity of my claims. Perhaps the most comprehensive list (although not current – it can be tough to keep up) can be found here.

I am shocked that Romney is not compared more often to Al Gore and John Kerry. Mitt Romney seems to capture the worst of these two men—Al Gore’s social awkwardness and John Kerry’s flip-floppiness (which was unfairly exaggerated in 2004). Not only does Romney share each of these men’s perceived problems, he actually magnifies them significantly. I would submit that Romney is much more awkward in public than Gore and there can be no question that Romney has flip-flopped on more issues than any political figure in modern history, including Kerry.

None of these comments are made in defense of Barack Obama. He is certainly a flawed candidate as well, but note that I am not enthusiastically supporting him either. I voted for Obama today, but did so with great consternation. Plus, any time and money I had to devote to politics this year intentionally went to down ballot candidates who I did feel passionate about and proud to support.

Which leads me back to my original premise. OK, Republicans, vote against Obama. I get it. But are you really going to get excited enough about Romney that you want to put up lawn signs? Affix a sticker to your car? Follow his twitter account? Hand make signs and go to rallies? Really? Do Republicans just not have a gag reflex?

– Dylan


4 Responses to “Romney Enthusiasts Need a Gag Reflex”

  1. Myra Brown Says:

    As someone who has spent 30+ years socializing with members of the LDS church, I can tell you that Romney’s, no teeth smile is a pretty standard, male LDS smile. He is taught that he is superior, he should do/get whatever he wants and he pities the rest of us. He is not accustomed to being questioned or doubted by LDS members below his standing; females or non-LDS. It is certainly a sociopathic tendency- if he says it, it must be true.

  2. I completely understand Republicans’ passionate desire to vote against Obama. What I don’t understand is how they can blind themselves to their civic duty to keep government out of the hands of charlatans and liars. The primary ideology that we must all have if we are to describe ourselves as American Patriots is defense of the republicanism. This Republican presidential candidate is no republican!

  3. Nice post. I don’t feel like I know who Romney actually is. If he does get elected, I wonder if we will see a big f*** you to his base and just act according to his own agenda (which no one seems to know).

    How about an article on the electoral college? With the current setup of this, I feel like all the attention is on a few states rather than talking to the majority of the country.

    How about Ann Rand and Paul Ryan? While her books were a great read in college, they are a simplistic view of the world. Scares me that the Republican VP is a huge believer in her.

    Martin is not impressed.

    • @ Alan – That is a great point. This topic alone certainly deserves a post of its own. I think people get so caught up in their side winning, that they lose sight of what their side represents.

      @ Martin – Thanks for the feedback. I, and I think everyone outside of Florida and Ohio, agree the electoral college is a ridiculous way to elect a president. I am not sure if we’ll write a post on it because I think everyone kind of already understands what its about and why it sucks. Your suggestion of Ayn Rand, however, I agree would make for an excellent post. My problem is that I don’t know much about her or her teachings other than the cliff notes. A little research may be in order. Thanks for reading!

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