Welcome to a New Brand of Political Analysis & Commentary

Welcome to The Blue Brothers. This is a political blog started by two brothers, Dylan and Nathan, with a desire to create a place for people to come and find thoughtful, concise, and original analysis of public policy and political events. With an unquestionable glut of political blogs, one could reasonably ask why the Internet needs another one. Our answer is that while there are in fact many political blogs, there are none in the style we would prefer to see.

We believe there is a real thirst out there for political commentary and analysis not aimed at advancing the interests of a political party or self-promotion, but instead motivated out of love of country and a belief that higher quality discourse leads to higher quality government and a higher quality of life for all. The following will describe the principles that will guide us as we write this blog, and will provide some detail as to why we believe we can offer something unique in the way of political commentary.

No Dogma – We are both registered Democrats but neither of us will defend bad acts by our party, and have little tolerance for those who blindly do so. We will be the first to stand up when the Democratic Party or a Democratic candidate takes a bad position, or possibly worse, fails to take any position.

No Unsupported Claims – Our modus operandi is to reach conclusions that are evidence-based, and base all of our arguments on verifiable facts. We will make it a practice to challenge unsupported assertions, and hope others will challenge us if we ever get sloppy with the facts.

No Dissertations – Perhaps the biggest problem with many of the best blogs and political websites out there is their daunting length. We intend to keep our site interesting, topical, witty, and still leave you time to carry on a life in which politics is not the most important thing in it.

Unique Analysis – We are identical twins who think a lot alike, but we find very few people who approach politics or process political happenings in the manner we do. This may be due to us growing up as two liberals in Oregon’s most conservative county and having to learn to speak with and live among people who think very differently than us. Whatever the case, we believe we have a knack for boiling down complex political issues into a format that is clear, concise, informative and entertaining while simultaneously raising the general level of discourse. Infotainment at its best, if you will.

Humor – Politics is funny, sometimes intentionally, usually accidentally. While we hope this blog will serve as a vehicle for advancing intelligent discussions on various political topics, we also want to bring some levity to situations that warrant it, be it with sarcasm, satire, or the occasional below-the-belt insult. This is a serious site, but we aren’t setting out to provide the blogosphere’s version of C-SPAN, nor are we hoping to match the political gravitas of George Will. We have fun with politics nearly every day, and we hope to share some of our fun and laughter with you through this blog.

For whatever reason you decided to visit our site, thank you for being here. We hope you find our blog as interesting as we hope to make it. Feel free to leave a comment or provide us with feedback. Now let’s get started.

– Dylan and Nathan


2 Responses to “Welcome to a New Brand of Political Analysis & Commentary”

  1. I’m excited for you guys and will be sure to check in often. It would be a good idea to link to your facebook pages when a new blog post goes up. My only criticism is the name: Blue Brothers. I would have gone with “Double Dragon.”

  2. Rhys not very Anonymous Says:

    I see that I am a little bit behind Ray, I have read some of your posts, but today is the first time going back to the start. I am very pleased to see Nathan as the co-author. All I knew when reading Dylan’s blogs that he was working with someone else. Good luck with WordPress and your adventure.

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